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Cygnus Fire, First Aid & Security Alert Alarms

NEW LAUNCH: a major innovation in wireless emergency FIRE ALARMS, FIRST AID ALERTS  & SITE SECURITY for all sizes of construction sites, public events, sports events, ski fields and trade exhibitions.

Are you meeting your health and safety requirements onsite? Provide rapid response for onsite accidents and emergencies with a portable, wireless alarm system which includes fire alarm manual call points, first aid alert points, smoke detectors, heat detectors, intruder detection and the combined fire call point/first aid alert alarm and interface units.The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System, manufactured in the UK, is a major innovation in wireless emergency fire, first aid and intruder alarms for temporary sites.  Recieve specific alerts and notifications from from the site anywhere, anytime via alerts to linked mobile devices. Designed to be the ultimate in performance and reliability, the Cygnus system has raised the bar in the industry and is the most successful and adaptable temporary fire alarm and alert system used in the construction and events industries today.

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, Cygnus is IP65 rated making it ideal for a wide range of real work and eventing conditions where water, damp and dust may be present.

  • Wireless; Class 1 wireless radio meshing signal ensures impressive connection range. Battery operated with 2 year life in normal conditions
  • Easy Install; Convenient to synchonise, simple installation and maintain- no maintenance required. 
  • Rapid Response; Auto dialler or paging facility can be added. Immediate action plans can be performed including evacuation, area lockdown or first aid victim location
  • Fire, Accident & Security; Combines commercal smoke and heat detectors,  PIR sensors with alarm buttons at call points for manual activation of Fire or First Aid emergencies
  • Alarm Management; Each module sounds alarm sirens on activation which can be managed to best suit sitation of installation
  • After Hours; Out of hours notifcations via auto dialling panel to key holders provides around the clock safety & security
  • Reuseable; can be resinstalled at future sites including reconfiguration as required

Immediate response to Fire, First Aid and Intruder events.

Using alarm modules and a central control panel, the modules all work in sync and upon activiation will sound the 120 decibel alarm along with flashing lights. Situated around a site in prominent places on main escape routes, stairwells and are normally included on or near the fire extinguishes/first aid depots. On activation, different alarm and light patterns are used to communicate different emergency requirements. Instant communication across the system ensures a rapid response for First Aid location of the injured, or immediate evacuation of the site in an emergency, or area lockdown.

The Cygnus system is able to link up to 480 individual units in 15 different zones, with each module up to 500m distance apart. Individual units may vary from fire alarm call points, first aid alert points, smoke detectors, heat detectors, intruder detection and the combined fire call point/first aid alert alarm and interface units. All Cygnus devices utilise the same Class 1 radio and are fully tested to the directives and are CE marked.

Further capabilities include out-of-hours notifications via an auto dialling panel to key holders, providing an extremely versatile alarm with ride ranging possibilities for improvement of site health & safety, security and public communications.

Certifications & CE Marking 

Cygnus  Temporary Fire Alarm Systems have been awarded Australia/New Zealand standards AS/NZS 4268:2012 + A12013 Radiocommunications (Short Range Devices ) Standard 2014. The Cygnus system is CE marked under the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC as a Temporary Wireless Fire & First Aid Alarm System and certified to EN300-220 as a life critical system by an audited third party test laboratory. However “the product must not be CE Marked under the Construction Products Regulations 305/2011 when used as outlined below”.

The system’s intended use is: – A fire and first aid alert system incorporating fire call points, first aid call points, smoke and heat detection and a control panel for temporary fire cover during construction works. The system is intended to be installed either in a building under construction, in site cabins or on mobile fire points and is taken out/ de-installed at the end of the construction project .

High Risk Alert

The temporary and mobile design of Cygnus makes the alarm modules an ideal inclusion in many high risk or remote situations

  • Hot works and gas-cutting workstations: Mount the call point Fire alarm module to the fire extinguisher trolley, for immediate alerting  to any emergency. 
  • Sports events such as cross terrain races and trailbiking for First Aid response and locating
  • Skifields; provide accessable alert points around the skifield for First Aid alerting, or notification of skifield evacuation due to weather, avalanche threat, etc
  • Public event management where large numbers of a public are present for First Aid attention, and also Fire and Security risk alerts
  • Large civil/roading construction sites and forestry operations which include site offices and outposts


PIR Intruder Sensor

PIR functionality is available on all Cygnus alarms to detect intruders

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Cygnus Fire Action Notice

Typical notice of action on alarm event

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Why Cygnus?

Wireless fire and first aid alarm and evacuation system

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