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High Step Vertical Rail Lifeline

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High Step; The rail based climbing system from Switzerland- the future of climbing safety.

HIGH STEP is an exceptional, innovative height safety system for climbing, is ergonomic and meets all safety standards; also fulfilling a high aesthetic standard to optimally adapt itself to many building styles without compromising the architects original design vision for new construction or retrofitting.

HIGH STEP is a newly invented access method for height working places on all kinds of buildings, pylons, masts, wind turbines etc.  The system consists of 2 components; the aluminium rail and the portable climbing gear.

The rail is installed over the total height of the structure. After mounting the rail, it remains permanently at that site. The user brings his portable climbing gear along and is able to fix it on the rail very quickly and easily. Like a railway line, the rail does not change but the climbing gear is interchangeable and will be developed further. Currently we have an the High Step Easy with the Protector fall arrester, and the worlds first portable elevator, the High Step Lift.

The aluminium rail forms the basis of the system, and is lightweight, economic and easy to handle. The rail is maintenance free over the lifetime and is suitable for harsh environments including heating by strong sunlight, cold in icy regions or corrosion in damp areas. Special clamps are used to fit the 6metre track lengths with connecting profiles and rivets. The rail has the strength equivalent to a 22mm steel rope and can carry up to 12 tonnes. As HIGH STEP rail does not have any rungs, it is not accessable to anyone unless they have the specified climbing devices, therefore totally removing the possibility of persons making illegal access.

The HIGH STEP EASY consists of 2 steppers, which are mobile, removable climbing devices. The pedals of the High Step Easy are fixed to your feet and by lifting your foot and lowering hour heel you automatically activate the clam mechanism which locks onto the rail. This means you can rest any time, and complete safety is assured with the independant PROTECTOR  (shuttle) to which the user is connected to the rail continuously.  The Protector is an independant fall arrest device. A carabiner hook connects the Protector to the users harness, with the Protector following the users movement of any speed automatically, as long as the downwards movement isn't too fast.

The HIGH STEP LIFT is the worlds first  portable, fully-automated Lift. Easy to handle and operate and carries its own rechargable and exchangable batteries. From now on, a stationary fixed lift does not have to be installed in every structure but instead, all that is needed is one HIGH STEP LIFT for a whole variety of applications. Packed with cost saving features, the system is so compact that structures which previously could not have been retrofitted or space did not allow for a conventional lift, can now be retrofitted with HIGH STEP LIFT system.

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