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Skytac Vertical Rail Lifeline

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The SKYTAC Height Access System allows for fall proof climbing up and down to any height and depth on installed vertical ladders. It is used for towers, chimneys, eleated tanks, bridge piers, masts, antenna supports, machine and operating facilities, high-bay racks, industrial installations, buildings and facades, inshaft installations and pits, as well as at pools in the water supply and waste water area. The worker to be secured wears a rescue harness with an attached catching device running in a fixed guide rail. Should the user fall,the rescue device arrests in the rail and thus avoids and accident.

The climbing protection rails with a C-profile are made of hot dip galvanised, 3mm steel, and the rungs are provided with an extra zinc layer for better protection against corrosion. The upwardly profiled, punched rungs make the ladder particularly slip proof and provide the worker with a sound footing. The short falling distances on the SKYTAC system assure height safety.

The runner slides over the large steel rolls carried in ball bearings. Thus the device absorbs impacts pratically jerk-free. Overhangs up to 8 degrees can be overcome due to the distance between the bottom of the runner and the back of the rail. The laterally swivelling swivel-snap carabiner is a threefold safety device: an elastomeric arrester reduces the falling impact, it regenerates after a fall and thus allows for safe descending. The fall indicator notes the fall being caught. Therafter, however and inspection of the runner is complusory. EN 353-1

Please contact the team at PBI Height Safety for more information about specifications and installation of SKYTAC for your project.


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