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Zero Roof Anchor to Go

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AS/NZS 1891.4

Temporary Roof Anchor for sheet metal roofs, simple and effective anchor for height safety when working on metal roofs. The roofers best friend! Fits onto the end of rolled steel roofing (eg inside the gutter) and levered cams clamp the anchor to the edge of the roof sheeting making a fall arrest anchor point; connect a rope and throw this over to the opposite side of the roof- roof must be accessed from the opposite side to where the 'Anchor on the Go' is fitted.

  • Rated as a single person fall arrest anchor 
  • Only suitable for metal sheet roofing with minimum bmt of 0.42mm.
  • Attach a safety line/ropeline, throw the ropeline to other side of the roof, then access onto roofing area towards the T-Bar anchor position
  • Rated to 15kN
  • Material: Powder coated steel
  • Always read the instruction manual included to ensure full understanding of correct installation
    Recommended for use as follows for quick, safe and full roof coverage for metal roof situations;
    1. Temporary Roof Anchor on the Go- fit to end of roofing iron and attach rope; throw rope to opposite side of roof
    2. Access the roof with a rope grab on the rope,  climb to the ridgeline and install a Templink Anchor along the ridge (Templink is a 360 degree anchor) Clip the rope into the Templink anchor which has become the primary anchor point.
    3. For access out to gable ends or for long reaches where there is risk of a pendulum swing/fall, use the Zero Tether Plate as a diversionary anchorage, and just slip a carabiner thru the Tether plate which greatly reduces risk.

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