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Rescue Equipment

Towerpack Abseil Rescue System - 50m

TowerPack is designed for self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty from tall structures

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Zero Rescue Block & Tackle

Easy to use pulley set with static rope for rescue and retrieval.

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Zero U-Res-Q Trauma Ladder, Pouch only

Retro fit any lanyard with this U-RES-Q pouch, locking snap hook one end, D-ring other end

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Zero Heli Rescue Stretcher Kit

Folding stretcher, narrow design for easy stowage in helicopter, fire and rescue vehicles.

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Skypack Abseil Rescue System - 50m

SkyPack is designed for self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty using controlled rate descender

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CAMP Angel

Light and compact evacuation triangle harness

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CAMP Rescue Kit Druid
2196, 2197

Simple and efficient rescue kit by rappel, lowering victim to ground

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Zero Rescue Descent Kit - 50m

Ideal for tradesman, simple evacuation and rescue unit designed to rescue/recover a person at height

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