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Davits & Needles

Davits and Abseil Needles are a safe solution for rope access when it’s essential to keep abseil ropes well clear of parapet edges, external gutters and facades, when regular abseil access is required on higher buildings. The projection of the needle also makes for easier abseiling movement without hanging against the walls of the building for work activities such as water blasting, window cleaning, maintenance or painting. Abseil needles are individually engineered for the specific design and activities of each building/structure, and can be mounted at the rear to anchor points or rail fall arrest systems. Mobile freestanding davits are also an option for infrequent usage requirements.


 Davit and needles systems are used to tie off workers who are suspended below a surface, or over the side of a structure. Lightweight and typically constructed from aluminium, davits  provide a simple solution to areas where space is restricted or projection is needed for the worker to be clear of structure, parapets, sharp edges or non-structural facades. Davits can be used for raising and lowering the worker to an area below the unit, or as an abseil attachment point so that davit projects the ropes out into clear working space.

  • Ideal for rope access situations on high rise buildings and manufacturing plants
  • Required for raising and lowering of suspended working platform/swing cages
  • Davit arm retrieval systems are an essential part of a confined space access or rescue plan.
  • Commonly used by Emergency Response Units for rescue in confined spaces and include winches and retractable devices.
  • Depending on the work type for confined space, davits can be permanently fixed/mounted, moveable configuration, or fully mobile types.
  • Rope access/abseil davits/needles are likely to include anchor points which the worker will tie off ropes
  • Some applications suit multiple davit bases permanently mounted on the site and workers move the Davit riser/arm unit from base to base.
  • Davits/needles can be attached to rail systems such as Roofsafe Rail to enable them to be positioned freely to suit along the rail.

A wide range of Davit arms and designs are available- with many variations and constraints around structures and work types, many Davits are individually engineered for purpose. Talk to PBI today to discuss your requirements.



Abseil Needle

Abseil needle for easy abseiling access, mobile unit which is fixed to rail on roof.

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A-Frame Mobile Anchor Davit

The A-Frame Anchor is ideal for use on flat roof surfaces for abseil anchorage and projection

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Larkin Rescue Frame

Abseil needle frame for easy edge access and rescue; mobile unit which requires anchorage support

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