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Evolution Horizontal Lifeline System

Evolution Horizontal Safety Line System

Evolution was a great advance in safety line system technology and inaugurated a new generation of fixed Horizontal lifelines and a breaking away from the market standards. This unique system offers further installation advancement, allowing a line system to be installed and certified on a great range of structural materials. Now superceded by the Uniline Roofsafe Horizontal Line System, Evolution parts, servicing and recertification are still available.

Evolution guarantees optimum safety and was a first to make it possible to have the height safety systems disappear entirely into the environment.  Evolution lifeline is particularly capable of entering architectural designs that are particularly daring and innovating without ever putting the safety of the workers connected to the lifeline in second place. When anchored to the building, the Evolution lifeline offers great freedom of movement to personnel requiring to work at a height to accomplish their jobs.

Suitable for every structure, favours movements along the line, protects workers efficiently from falls from a height and is discreet, blending into the building without ever compromising its aesthetics.

In addition to its feeling for ‘sustainable architecture’, all the components of the Evolution life line are manufactured under the quality control system ISO 9001 and undergo stringent inspection. In addition, the line has been designed in compliance with International safety standards (EN795 class C - ANSI Z359.1- CSA Z259.16 - AS/ NZ S1891.4 part 2 & 4).

For work on roofs or overhead cranes, operations in aircraft hangars, bridge maintenance or loading docks. All activities calling for many professionals to work at a height. To maintain the greatest possible maneuvering freedom, it is essential for them to have access to a lifeline attached to the structure. This enables them to remain connected constantly so that they can carry out their work without ever needing to disconnect.

Easily installed, Evolution is a particularly flexible system for companies seeking the protection of their workplaces without any damage to the buildings or the structures into which the lifeline has to be incorporated.

A revolution in installation

Easy and precise installation on any type of structure: walls, floors, ceilings, outdoors and indoors. An extended range of absorbing or tip over posts adjusted to structures offering less resistance such as trapezoidal roof panels or standing seam roofs. In such cases, the posts reduce the forces and contribute to preserving the building.

Easy and Precise Installation- Upstream Simulation Software System- Total Adaptability - High Performance Level - Professionalism in every situation- Value and Efficiency

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