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Fall Arrest & Abseil Anchors

PBI is conversant with New Zealand standards for Fall Arrest and Abseil Anchors as outllined in AS/NZS 1891.2, AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 and AS/NZS 4488:1+2 1997 plus new anchor testing standard AS/NZS 5532:2013 and Best Practice guidelines, for compliance and total peace of mind. Shown is a simple range of the large selection of Anchor Points available to fitted to many different structures and substrates. Anchors shown here are priced as supply only. For  the complete package of installed certified height safety solutions please contact PBI today.

PBI have installed literally thousands of certified fall arrest and abseil anchors on buildings and structures over the country. Our professional service starts with an initial consultancy at either planning stage or for an existing structure,  through to supply and installation of the innovative, engineered and fully certified Anchorages, complete with training. Keeping current with high quality safety technology from around the globe is a priority, all of our products are also fully compliant with relevant NZ safety guidelines and government legislation.

The comprehensive range of services provided by PBI Height Safety includes consultancy, risk assessment, ensuring fall protection, developing height safety systems, engineering design for difficult and unique situations, custom fabrications, custom waterproofing design, system installations, Producer Statements, IQP testing and certification, training employees in the use of specialist systems and ongoing inspection and maintenance. Whether it's a new building at concept stage or an existing building (retrofit) PBI can assess, design and  install a system that gives total height safety solutions for your ongoing needs.

All Fall Arrest and Abseil rated anchors which are permanently installed are required to have annual inspection, testing and recertification- including tagging. Re-certification is a requirement in accordance with  AS/NZS standards. Workers should not attach to anchors that do not show test and tagging in the past 12 months, as the anchor could be unsafe due to corrosion, external damage, wear & tear, deployment, tampering or damage to sub-structure.

Technology and innovation have combined in the design of unique energy absorption posts, which reduce the amount of  force applied back to the structure; permitting installation of these systems onto a wide variety of structures including  timber roof joints, steel purlins, poly panels and roof sheeting or surface mounting. Known as Spirotec anchors, they use Linear Energy Absorbtion Posts (LEAP) technology and engineering,  and can be used along with structurally mounted Anchor Points if required. This diversity allows PBI to solve many problems and issues that architects, consultants and structural engineers have faced with the restricted installation options of the past that relied heavily on structurally engineered anchorages that penetrated roofing substrates.

Multi Directional Fixed Anchor

Permanent multi direction anchor for attachment to concrete or steel.

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One Direction Fixed Anchor

Permanent Anchor for attachment to concrete or steel

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Frog Permanent Anchor Plate

Energy absorbing anchor for permanent surface fitting to metal roof sheeting.

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Roof Anchor Permanently Fitted to Timber Truss

Permanent anchor point kit for attachment to timber purlins

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SpiraTech Single Anchor Point

Innovative engineered surface mount Anchor point for up to 2 users, with Linear Energy Absorption properties.

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Roof Anchor Permanently Fitted to Steel Purlin

Permanent roof anchor point for attachment to metal purlins on steel roofs

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Zero Permanent Scaffold Clamp

Anchor clamps to scaffolding for a permanent anchor point

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