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Ladsaf Vertical Cable Lifeline

LADSAFE is a cable lifeline for vertical fall protection, and depending on the design can accomodate for up to 4 persons attached to this system. Particularly adapted to all vertical access for inspections, repairs and maintenance of lighting and power tower heads, poles, chimneys, silos, general access ladders, boat rigging, roofing and structures. LADSAF can be mounted onto all kinds of stuctures such as wood, steel, concrete, chimney and antennas, allowing one or more persons to move up or down those structures in total safety. (sufficient distance between people must be given to avoid any collection in case of a fall) The system may be attached to the climbing rungs in a variety of ways.

A sliding Wire Rope Grab provides the connection between the climber and the wire rope. The rope grab can safely traverse intermediate brackets. Its opening with double security allows the user to connect and disconnect anywhere on the line; without any risk.

Top bracket incorporates Elastomer Impact Attenuator. This ensures maximum force on the body in the event of a fall does not exceed 6kN, in accordance with European standards accepted here. LADSAF system conforms to  EN353-2 and is marked CE. It must be installed to manufacturer instructions. All components in galvanised steel, also available as stainless steel option.

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Please contact the team at PBI Height Safety for more information about LADSAFE for your project.


Fall protection system for any user attached to this system.

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