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Railok Vertical Lifeline Track

RAILOK is a vertical lifeline track system, permanently installed on any type of structure, offering complete fall protection. RAILOK ensures comfort and safety when working at heights, and eaier installation that some other vertical line systems. In addition to providing safety, solutions that address the need for safe ascent and descent cannot restrict operators from their work. Requirements for ladder climbing are prevalent in many different sectors and industries including construction, wind energy, oil & gas, telecommications, chimney and tower maintenance.

RAILOK has a capacity of up to 4 users, with a user attaching to the shuttle via safety harness which in turn is fitted into the RAILOK track.

The ability of the shuttle device to run the length of the rail unhindered is essential. Any snagging of the shuttle will make it difficult to move freely on the system and could pose safety issues.  Addressing this concern, and a key advantage of the RAILOK system is the smooth operation during ascent and descent provided by the design of the shuttle. While allowing freedom of movement up and down, the shuttle locks instantly on the rail in the event of a fall, minimalizing fall distances and forces on the user. The energy absorber has been compacted for increased comfort.

The track is made from high strength extruded stainless steel or aluminium. A single universal bracket allows the fixing of the rail either on rungs or stringer. Rail tracks are shorter (1.5m) this allows facilitates eaiser handling, transportation and installation.

RAILOK system conforms to EN353-1. It must be installed on a structure that is capable of supporting the loads imposed by the system, and installation must be according to manufacturers instructions.


Railok offers excellent sliding on the rail in both ascent and descent.

  • The energy absorber has been compacted for increased comfort.
  • A single universal bracket allows the fixing of the rail either on rungs or stringer.
  • Rail tracks are shorter, 1.5m; this facilitates installation and transportation.
  • Remains available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel

The rail is permanently attached to the ladder or structure, centrally or laterally. The trolley runs on the rail during ascending and descending and blocks only in case of fall. The rail may be fixed to ladder rungs (1) or the stringer (2). The bottom part of the rail shall be stopped 50 cm above the ground. Top part can be stopped up to 70 cm above the ladder (with corresponding support).


One trolley may operate for each individual person. Each rail track is 1.5m length, 1 ?xation per rail, in addition to 1 extra at extremities.


Energy Dissipating unit ensures maximum force exerted on the body in the event of a fall does not exceed 6kN, in accordance with European standards.


Railok system conforms to EN 353-1. It must be installed according to manufacturer instructions.


For normal system operation, ladders should be positioned at max 15° from the vertical.

The system may be attached to ladder rungs or stringer with the universal bracket.


Ensure the climbing structure to which Railok is to be installed is capable of supporting the loads imposed by the system.
The required bracket load may be assumed to be distributed evenly between the number of rungs to which it is attached.


1 - Trolley KC11050234 :
Supplied complete with Energy Dissipating Unit (EDU) and self-locking
hook for karabiner connection directly to the user’s harness Material: 
Light alloy aluminium, energy absorber in polyester and karabiner in zinc plated steel.

2 - Rail KC1P1051A (alu), KC1P1051SS (stainless steel) :
Standard length: 1.5m in a ‘top hat’ section for superior strength and rigidity 
Material: Alloy aluminium or stainless steel
Weight: 2kg in aluminium, 4kg in stainless.

3 - Universal bracket KC11052/5X : 
Fixing bracket very easy to mount: either on stringer (max: 100*50mm) or rungs from 12mm diameter to 50mm.
Material : Stainless steel

4 - Joint plates KC11059 (alu), KC11059S (stainless steel) : 
Dimensioned into top hat section of rail ends, ensures smooth running and ease of installation.
Secured by four bolts supplied.
Material: Aluminium or stainless steel

5 - Stop plate :
Prevents accidental disconnection at extremities of the structure. Exists in: 
Fixed version. KC11065 (Alu) KC11065SS (Stainless steel). 
Semi-permanent sprung version to allow manual disconnection KC1064 (Alu), KC11064SS (Stainless steel).

6 - Top support post KC13000552 :
Top support post to allow rail extension above structure of 70cm max.

Download the Railok Horizontal Track Brochure

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