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RoofSafe Cable Horizontal Lifeline

New Release Lifeline System from PBI Height Safety implements SpiraTech™ Force Management Technology. A new product to meet the needs of todays changing work environment. From the height safety experts DBI Sala


The Roofsafe Anchor and proprietary Roofsafe Cable system conforms to EN 795, OSHA, ANSI, AUS/NZ, standards and has been tested to both EN795 Class A and C standards.

Current workplace legislation requires any person working at height to be properly protected against the risk of falling. This is especially important for people required to work in many aspects of building maintenance tasks on roofs,  as they can be exposed to significant risks while carrying out their duties. Changes in weather, fragile roof elements, slips and trips, wind, steep inclines and slippery surfaces can all add to the dangers, so providing a safe system of work is essential, ensuring both compliance with regulations and the safety of employees and contractors.

The Uniline RoofSafe™ lifeline from PBI Height Safety has been designed to eliminate or substantially reduce the risk of injury or death to users working at height, while ensuring the integrity of the structure to which it is attached. Roofs are changing to accommodate more insulation materials and being designed to utilize lighter materials and take advantage of new technologies. At PBI Height Safety we are specifying Uniline’s RoofSafe lifeline product to ensure the highest levels of safety in modern building design.

Our customers can benefit from modern roofing design and ensure safety and structural integrity by choosing our new and technologically advanced RoofSafe ™ Anchor and lifeline systems.

Additionally, as the desire to comply with health and safety regulations increases, the need for safety solutions on older building and structures increases. The new RoofSafe system makes incorporating horizontal lifelines in older building more economical, allowing safety obligations to be met for realistic costs.

  • NEW Modular product includes flexibility in system design, including accommodating roof refurbishments/retrofits and green roof projects.
  • NEW SpiraTech™ Force Management technology that provides the lowest distributed load to the roof system. The maximum end load in a fall will be less than 1350lbs (6kN).
  • NEW Toggle fitting system, for a faster, more cost effective installation and improved thermal efficiency.

Features and Benefits of DBI Sala Roofsafe Cable lifeline

  • The RoofSafe™ Cable Lifeline can be used for either work restraint or fall arrest and can be installed on standing seam, composite and built up roofing systems and multiple flat roofi ng and membrane roofing systems.
  • The RoofSafe™ Anchor post is multi-directional and can activate and absorb energy no matter which orientation the load is applied, providing total freedom and flexibility in system design.
  • The unique energy absorbing system inside the RoofSafe™ Anchor post has reduced the overturning moment on the fasteners by half compared to our previous anchor and those of our competitors, enabling us to utilize fewer fasteners in many circumstances. This reduces the number of roof penetrations and saves time and money during installations.
  • For flat roofing systems we have designed a new toggle fixing method that speeds up installation time and reduces thermal bridging, reducing heat loss from a building. Both of these features save time and money for the customer.
  • The RoofSafe™ Cable Lifeline utilizes marine grade alloys in its design to reduce the overall weight and save shipping costs. It has the additional benefit of being safer to move around the roof during installation.
  • The RoofSafe™ Cable Lifeline is modular in design, taking less space to pack and ship, again reducing additional costs of installing a roof safety system.
  •  The RoofSafe™ Anchor has been designed so that a vertical pull test to 1125lbs (5kN) can be applied without affecting the anchors integrity. This enables annual test and verification of its structural integrity, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.
  • The base plate designs incorporate multiple fastener options to reduce the complexity of specification and in turn maximize inventory to ensure speedy delivery.
  •  The RoofSafe™ Anchor for flat roofing systems has been designed to be easy to weather proof ensuring the integrity of the building envelope, and works perfectly in conjunction with ‘Green’ roofing systems.
  • The RoofSafe™ Anchor and Lifeline system looks smart and compliments modern building design, as well as fitting neatly with older buildings, enabling compliance and peace of mind no matter the type of project.

Download the Roofsafe Cable / Anchor Brochure

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Download the RoofSafe Cable Technical Specification Sheet

Please contact PBI Height Safety for a free consultation on Roofsafe Cable for your next new project or retrofit.


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