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RoofSafe Rail Horizontal Track

The RoofSafe Rail System offers the very latest in fall protection technological development. Safety needn't compromise aesthetics.


RoofSafe Rail System is suitable for abseil anchorage and fall arrest, and is ideal for roof slopes over 20degrees where work positioning is required. The extruded  aluminium rail system can be fitted to built up and composite metal pitched roof systems and a variety of standing seam roof systems, providing an extremely aesthetically pleasing and practical safety system.

Roofsafe Rail can be used to facilitate roof inspections, routine maintenance, gutter cleaning, façade access, access to roof plant and any number of other roof top work procedures. 

 The extruded aluminium Rail system  is fixed to the outer skin of the roof system  using aluminium bulb type rivets. The use of this type of rivet in the correct  sequence ensures safety, without compromising the integrity of the roof. The small penetrations are further sealed using approved roofing products and rivets are supplied with caps. Fixing holes are drilled on site to suit the roof profile, ensuring installation is quick, easy and cost  effective.

Roofsafe Rail conforms with International Fall Protection Standards including EN795, OSHA, CSA and AS/NZS and is CE Marked to the European PPE.                                                              


Key features and benefits of the system:

  • Roofsafe Rail is the only direct to roof rail system  that can facilitate changes in direction and roof slopes, ensuring continuous safe roof access where it is needed
  • Roofsafe Rail's low profile and discreet design provides an unobtrusive safety anchorage solution, ensuring a buildings appearance need  not be spoilt by anchor points and cables 
  • Roofsafe Rail provides a safety anchorage system for multiple users, allowing more complex maintenance tasks to be undertaken in an efficient manner,  including suspended rope access work 
  • Even load distribution through the fixing system ensures complete safety in the event of a multi-user fall without damaging the integrity of the roof system 
  • The solid nature  of the anchorage ensures no deflection or unnecessary loading of anchor  points during use and makes the product especially beneficial on roofs with a pitch of more than 15 degrees. This gives the user a high level of confidence 
  • The simple and robust design of the Roofsafe Rail product reduces the requirement  for annual inspections under normal conditions, which in turn reduces the need to expose people to the risks associated with work at height. Typical maintenance periods extend to 5 year intervals, providing the additional benefit of reduced cost of ownership 
  • A four wheel attachment carriage runs effortlessly along the extruded aluminium rail, making the system extremely user friendly. An important factor when promoting the use of a roof safety anchorage
  • The light weight modular rail system comes in 2.5m sections, making it easy  to transport and handle on site
  • The Roofsafe Rail System eliminates many common hazards associated with cable based fall protection systems including cable fretting, cable tension, cable deflections, accidental roof anchor deployment, passing of intermediate cable supports, roof sheet abrasion and roof traversing.

Product integration

Successful safety system design requires early input from trained safety professionals. PBI's team  is on hand  to provide you with design input, identifying system  layouts, fixing detail, structural  suitability and discussing how the system  will be utilised. This is an important feature of RoofSafes product  offer and it ensures that system  designs are both safe and practical,  providing complete functionality for future users.

Local design  assistance, site visits, installation and training is facilitated by our network of Approved Contractors, all of whom are trained and audited by PBI to ensure  our end user customers receive the best possible  service.

Download the RoofSafe Rail Brochure

Download the RoofSafe Rail Information Flyer

Download the RoofSafe Rail Technical Specification Sheets

To discuss Roofsafe Rail for your next project, talk to one of PBI's Height Safety Consultants today.



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