Deloitte Chirstchurch

Architect: JASMAX

Contractor: Southbase Construction

Location: Christchurch, NZ

One of the first substantial new-builds of the new era of energy efficient buildings for post-earthquake Christchurch, and one of the first building to use new Roofsafe insulated toggle fixing method.
Provide a fall arrest system to roof areas, attaching to a lightweight warmroof buildup while retaining the thermal properties of the warmroof.
Complete installation of Roofsafe Cable/Spirotech Anchor system to warmroof buildup, with insulated toggle fixings tp maintain the thermal blanket of the warmroof. Torch-on membrane waterproofing finish. Working alongside SWP Roofing Contractors to produce waterproofing detail and installation methodology to satisfy all parties, the completed result was a very smart installation of a continuous lifeline cable system to the perimeter of the roof area.


  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards – Supreme Winner
  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards – Glass Innovation Award – Winner
  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards – Best Use of Glass – Winner
  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards – Commercial $100,000 Plus – Winner
  • 2015 WANZ Glass Awards – Designing with Glass – Winner
  • 2015 Property Council of NZ – Commercial Architecture – Merit Award