Smales Farm Business Park

Architect: Jasmax & BVN Architecturec

Contractor: Leighs Construction

Location: Auckland, NZ

Auckland’s first co-working office space at the Smales Farm Precinct. Cleverly designed by Jasmax in association with BVN Architecture to create progressive office spaces for innovative and creative businesses. The building itself (B5) is 16,500m², a key feature of the building is a central atrium and spiral staircase. It provides a vibrant focal point while allowing in plenty of natural light to all levels.


This project required a phased installation of a parameter rail system for abseil, despite some working space constraints. PBI was required to work within the architects strict structural fixing requirements and provide a thorough professional height safety package that enabled clear access to the building.


The phased install over 5 months included a perimeter AlTrac rail system, installed under the soffits for abseil purposes including exterior cleaning and maintenance.

Eleven systems were installed in total including seven Safepro2 fall arrest systems and forty-two abseil anchors for roof safety and HVAC plant access. Given the rail, had a 4 and 8-degree slope on the west and east elevations, the designs included over sixty diversion anchors into the steel soffits to assist with working on the AlTrac rail.

This was a tough installation for our installers, however, PBI worked alongsid e Leighs Construction who provided great onsite management making this phased install as simple as possible, despite working space constraints.

PBI_Smales_Farm   PBI_Smales_Farm