3M RoofSafe™ Rail System

RoofSafe™Rail System is a high quality, aluminum rail safety system that is capable of navigating corners and changes of direction to provide complete design flexibility.

RoofSafe™ Rail System is a high quality, aluminium rail safety system best suited for modern building projects and maintenance. The system offers exceptional functionality due to the innovative, hands free traveler. RoofSafe™ Rail is capable of navigating corners and changes of direction to provide complete design flexibility.


Key features:


  • Lightweight, modular rail safety system for use on metal and concrete.
  • Low profile, discrete design provides a discreet safety solution with aesthetic appeal.
  • System provides an innovative, four-wheel traveller to provide ease of use and operation along the rail.


RoofSafe™ Rail for standing seam roof systems.


  • A range of non-penetrative clamps enables the system to be fitted to a variety of standing seam roof systems. The low profile, aesthetic benefits of the product lends itself especially well to this type of roofing system, which is often used on high profile and distinctive buildings.
  • RoofSafe™ Rail is a direct to roof rail system that can facilitate changes in direction and roof slopes, ensuring continuous safe roof access where it is needed.
  • RoofSafe™ Rail’s discrete low-profile design provides an unobtrusive safety anchorage solution, ensuring a building’s appearance is not spoilt by highly visible anchor points and cables.
  • RoofSafe™ Rail provides a safety anchorage system for multiple users, allowing more complex maintenance tasks to be undertaken in an efficient manner, including suspended rope access work.
  • Even load distribution through the fixing system ensures complete safety in the event of a single user fall without damaging the integrity of the roof system.
  • The solid nature of the anchorage ensures no deflection or unnecessary loading of anchor points during use and makes the system especially beneficial on roofs with a pitch of more than 15 degrees. This gives the user a high level of confidence.
  • A four-wheel attachment carriage runs effortlessly along the extruded aluminium rail, making the system extremely user friendly. An important factor when promoting the use of a roof safety anchorage.
  • The light-weight modular rail system comes in 3m (9.84ft) sections, making it easy to transport and handle on site.
  • The RoofSafe™ Rail System eliminates many common hazards associated with cable-based fall protection systems including cable fretting, cable tension, cable deflections, accidental roof anchor deployment, passing of intermediate cable supports, roof sheet abrasion and roof traversing.
  • The extrusions used in RoofSafe™ Rail are manufactured from 60% recycled aluminium which helps meet many companies targets to increase the amount of recycled material in building construction.

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