3M Anchors

Low profile permanent anchors

Structured stability

3M permanent purlin, truss or surface mounted fall arrest roof anchors are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

A economic solution for fall protection

The anchors provide economical solutions for fall protection during the initial construction stage as well as future roof access and maintenance. All anchor components are manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel and some are able to sustain a load of up to 22kN. The anchors can be used as single anchor points or in certain circumstances as intermediate bracket support posts for DBI-SALA temporary and permanent horizontal lifeline systems.

How it works

The anchors are designed to deform under load. In the event of a fall, the anchors absorb most of the energy bending along the length of the stainless steel threaded rod (L4543 & L4544). The load distribution qualities of the DBI-SALA anchor limits the forces and results in a lower impact on the user and the roof structure. Each anchor carries a unique batch number for traceability and certification requirements.

Simple, fast and efficient installation

The anchors can be installed during roof construction or retrofitted after the building is completed to steel or tiled roofs. The purlin mount anchor is secured by drilling a hole through the roof sheeting and the standard C or Z section purlin (min 1.2mm gauge) and tightening the threaded rod with the top mounted eye bolt against an elongated nut. For a timber truss, the roof anchor is secured with the use of a flat 5mm stainless steel bracket fixed to the truss with 8mm bolts. The surface mounted anchor is directly fastened to the roof sheeting with rivets. Waterproofing for steel roofs is achieved through the use of a rubber gasket, where tiled roof applications require the use of a dektite seal. Please refer to the user instruction manual for complete installation details. Roof anchors are typically used with fall arrest equipment manufactured to AS/NZS1891.1, and new anchor testing standards AS/NZS3552 designed to ensure that fall forces are kept to 6kN or less. Forces kept in this range significantly reduce the potential damage to the roof and materials, including the timber truss.


3M provides a warranty on product performance within the guidelines illustrated above. It is the responsibility of the building designer or building owner to ensure that the structure to which the roof anchor is attached will support a load of at least 15kN. If there is any doubt about structural adequacy, consult a qualified person such as a professional structural engineer to receive an endorsement.


Easy installation can be installed from the top of the roof surface by a single person.

For use on steel or tiled roofs with timber truss.

All metal components are manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel.

Can be used in both fall arrest or fall restraint applications -will not bend below 200kg of force.

Large eye allows for easy attachment of lanyards or lifelines.

Conveniently packaged.

Data/inspection tag included.

Comprehensive installation instructions included. Installation is to be completed by a competent person.

Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards.


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