Certification and Re-certification

All height safety systems in New Zealand require annual recertification in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 standards, manufacturers instructions and New Zealand good practice guidelines.

3M Fall Protection installed Anchors and Proprietary systems require annual recertification In accordance with AS/NZS standards.
Only 3M Fall Protection trained and accredited persons can issue certification on Capital Safety installed products; otherwise the certification is deemed invalid and in turn invalidates the warranty and standards compliance.

Fixed price service agreement
PBI Height Safety will carry out a full comprehensive inspection of all fall protection systems and carry out any maintenance and servicing prior to re-certification as appropriate to meet all requirements by the manufacturer, AS/NZS standards and good practice guidelines.
Individual inspection certificates will be issued on completion of the annual re-certification or alternatively a detailed report will be issued to advise of the corrective actions required to meet AS/NZS standards.
The following proposal has been produced with reference to data obtained from the installation and site survey carried out by PBI Height Safety. Maintenance and servicing is included in the unit cost of re-certification of the systems.
Annual Inspections are scheduled in PBI’s FIELDiD program to ensure ongoing, scheduled system compliance to New Zealand standards.


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 Alan Marquet

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