Fall Protection Systems

Our comprehensive range of proprietary fall arrest and fall protection systems offer fully compliant, practical and modular solutions for structures of all types whilst meeting the requirements of the NZ building codes and a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business Undertaking) duty of care.

Fall protection systems can be used to facilitate roof inspections, routine maintenance, gutter cleaning, fa├žade access, access to roof plant and any number of other roof top work procedures.

We design, specify, manufacture and supply Fall Protection systems anywhere in New Zealand, Australia and most of the Pacific area, including full installation of licensed proprietary systems by our specialist install teams.

Proprietary System Equipment

3M Cable System

Horizontal lifeline systems should be considered your first choice to prevent falls when access to rooftops is needed. Our flexible systems are designed to operate horizontally, vertically, around corners or up-and-down inclines. They offer complete protection and freedom of movement, with safety line systems enabling the user to move freely without disconnecting.

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3M Rail System

Rail Systems are suitable for abseil anchorage and fall arrest, and is ideal for roof slopes over 20degrees where work positioning is required. The extruded aluminium rail system can be fitted to built up and composite metal pitched roof systems and a variety of standing seam roof systems, providing an extremely aesthetically pleasing and practical safety system.

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3M Anchor Points

Technology and innovation have combined in the design of unique energy absorption posts, which reduce the amount of force applied back to the structure; permitting installation of these systems onto a wide variety of structures including timber roof joints, steel purlins, poly panels and roof sheeting or surface mounting. Known as Spirotec anchors, they use Linear Energy Absorbtion Posts (LEAP) technology and engineering, and can be used along with structurally mounted Anchor Points if required.

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Ladder systems

Ladder systems contractors are favouring a modular system approach to both edge protection and access systems generally. Our design offers the flexibility to cater for all roof types whilst providing a simple modular system that is easy to install for collective measures.

Fall Protection Systems:

Working in Restraint


These systems allow a person access to conduct their duties but prevent them from reaching a point where a fall could occur.

Restraint systems are generally suitable if the person needs to work at the edge of a hazard. For example, where there is a need to maintain gutters along the edge of a roof, or if there are other potential fall hazards such as a fragile roof, roof lights or air vents.

Restraint systems are generally positioned more than 2 m from the hazard. This is because common practice is for the worker to be connected to the system by a fixed length 1.5 m lanyard.

Working in Fall Arrest


A fall arrest system provides maximum freedom of movement for workers to conduct their duties. In doing so it allows them to reach the point where a fall could occur, such as the edge of a roof for gutter maintenance.

However, in the event of a fall, the fall will be arrested and so allow the person to either effect a self-rescue or be rescued.

Any fall, or part of a fall in excess of 600mm, either vertically or on a slope, on which it is not possible to walk without the assistance of a handrail or line.


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